Marcie Harding; Teacher and Founder

Martial Arts History

Marcie first started training in Martial Arts nearly 40 years ago in the 1980's studying Shorinji Kempo (a Japanese system with Chinese Shaolin influences). 

She practised this system for around 7 years before trying both Jujutsu and Kung Fu in the early 1990's. 

After a short break in training Marcie discovered the Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima) and was hooked. She began training in Krishna Godhania's Warriors Eskrima in the 1990's to which she owes a great deal for pointing the way in FMA. She has since gone on to run her own club (The Malvern Eskrima Group, founded in 2003).

Over the years Marcie has studied with some great Martial Artists, some great people, she has seen and trained with many Masters of the Arts, however Marcie considers her current teacher (Grandmaster Jun Dacayana (Eskrima)) to be among the very best.

In 2006 along with John 'Jo' Biggs (RIP) she founded Dacayana UK with the blessing of the system's founder Grandmaster Alberto 'Jun' Dacayana.

Dacayana UK teaches the Family system of Indigenous Cebuano Martial Arts. Marcie has been bringing GM Jun to the UK for over 16 years to teach Dacayana Students culminating in two highly successful tours .... In 2013 Marcie was instrumental in bringing Grandmaster Jun Dacayana  to complete a month long tour of the UK (his 4th UK visit.) Then once again in 2015 (his 5th visit ) to present material and seminars in front of hundreds delegates during a six week stay in the UK.

Throughout these tours and the sometimes gruelling teaching schedule, GM Jun was able to meet and assess coaches and students from each club. His endorsement of the work in teaching and propagating the system that Marcie has continued since 2006 was one of her proudest moments.

Marcie is currently the highest graded student of GM Jun Dacayana. Despite holding this very high grade she is determined to keep learning, teaching and growing the system over the coming years...with the feeling she now has to be the best she can be, in terms of both teaching and training to attempt to live up to this great honour and responsibility.

Here are some of her other recent achievements;

2020 Awarded 8th Degree Black Belt by Grandmaster Jun Dacayana 

2018 Founded KaliSafe DSD Women's Self Protection

2015 European Director of Dacayana Eskrima 

Sacred Springs Fellowship Master Teacher 2012

Member of the Sacred Springs Fellowship (FSS) 2011

Holywell Martial Arts founded 2011

Senior Coach & Advisory at Core Combat - Awarded by Jon Ryley Kyoshi 2011

Sacred Spring Award of Martial Excellence Lynmouth 2011

Recipient of the Shinpi Izumi Council Award for Martial Excellence 2009

Malvern Merlins Childrens' Martial arts Founded 2009

Teacher at the Sacred Spring School of Martial Arts - Awarded by John 'Jo' Biggs Shihan 2007

Co-Founder Dacayana UK with John 'Jo' Biggs 2006 Dacayana UK & Europe

JKD Instructor 2005 (Krishna Godhania - Hartsell/Vunalk lineage) 

Co-Founder Martial Arts Institute of Malvern (2004) with Ian Holman Sensei

Founder of the Malvern Eskrima Group (2003) Malvern Eskrima

Other Relevant Qualifications and Training

Coaching: City & Guilds 7407 Teaching Adults in Further Education 

Current Appointed Persons First Aid (Sacred Spring)

Current Clear Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check 

Relevant Testimonials of Personal Safety and Self Defence Tuition

Institute of Occupational Safety & Health Certificate

Sports Coach UK Good Practice for Child Protection Workshop

Sacred Spring Child Protection course (Given by Dr Victoria Lucus Child Pyschologist / Sacred Spring)

Current Instructor Personal Indemnity Insurance & Student Gtoup Insurance against Personal Injury (£2M)

Master Jun Dacayana and Marcie March 2013


 Master Jun Dacayana and Marcie June 2009

Master Jun and Marcie with students after Malvern Seminar March 2013