About Holywell Martial Arts

 Holywell Martial Arts is a Martial Arts School Based in Malvern, Worcestershire and is the home of the Dacayana Eskrima System in the UK.

The School aims to make Martial Arts accessible, fun and a positive experience. The School operates a total equality policy

Malvern Senior students receiving their Black Belt Certificates and promotions  from Grandmaster Jun Dacayana and Marcie Harding during Grandmaster Jun's 4th UK Visit in  March & April 2013. From left to right  - Doug Levenets (3rd Degree), Mark Penny (1st Degree), Rob Wheeler (1st Degree), John Devereaux (3rd Degree) Master Jun Dacayana and Marcie Harding, Keith Anthony (3rd Degree) 

First established in 2003 as the Malvern Eskrima Group the School  has developed over the years to become Holywell Martial Arts

What's in a name?

Holywell Martial Arts is based in Malvern Worcesteshire. Famous for its healing springs, the Malvern Hills have several ancient springs dotted around the hills. 

The School believes that the philosophy of Martial Arts can help to both heal and develop people in a very positive way. The alignment to both Holywell and Sacred Spring (which mean the same thing) gives a focus to the purpose of learning the Martial Arts styles within The School.

A Holy Well or Sacred Spring is a small body of water emerging from underground and historically has been revered for it's healing qualities through it's guardian spirits. Teaching excellence parallels the cycle of the water to the sea ....

'Like spring water, teaching needs clarity, it slowly and gently nourishes all it touches

Allowing growth to occur with all it comes into contact with, yet not deciding or determining the pace of growth

Eventually when meeting the sea, it returns ...a cycle of nourishment'

The above quotation is taken from the award for Martial Excellence made to Marcie Harding of the Malvern Eskrima Group on behalf of the Shinpi Izumi Council at the 4th Lynmouth Festival of Martial arts 200