Martial Arts Styles taught at the School 


Eskrima, Escrima, Arnis, Kali or FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) are the terms for the ancient Martial Art of the Philippines. Eskrima is only now becoming more popular in the western world partly because of the realisation by the World's military forces of just how effective it is. Eskrima can also be seen on the big screen with choreographed fights in many films including; The Hunted,  James Bond Quantum of Solace, The Book of Eli, The Chronicles of Riddick, Blade III, the Bourne Films, Mission impossible III... the list goes on and on! 

Eskrima is unique in that it teaches the use of weapons from very early within the curriculum allowing the accelerated  development of many key attributes that are essential to realistic self defence.

The Main style taught at the School is the Dacayana Family System of Indigenous Cebuano Eskrima, but students are also able to study JKD/Kali or Traditional style Eskrima (drawn from a variety of styles) privately if they wish.

Eskrima - Dacayana System

The Dacayana System of Indigenous Cebuano Martial Arts is the Main Eskrima style taught at the school.

The Dacayana System of Eskrima was founded by Grandmaster Alberto 'Jun' Dacayana and is taught in the UK only through authorised Dacayana UK schools.

Holywell Martial Arts are in the priveliged position of being one of these Authorised schools, additionally with Marcie Harding as one of the only two UK representatives (and she is the highest graded Dacayana Eskrima Instructor outside of the Philippines) are extemely well placed to propogate the system with direct lineage to the founder. Dacayana UK Schools

The Dacayana System is effective, unique and beautiful. The emphasis is on flow, precision, timing, control, footwork, form and good body mechanics.

The system has 8 levels to Black Belt 1st Degree and the syllabus strongly favours Single Stick, Sword and Dagger, Balla Balla Training methods and Empty Hand up to this level.

Advanced Modules (2nd Degree to 8th Degree Blackbelt) include other weapons categories such as Combat Judo, Knife Fighting and Pocket Stick.

JKD / Kali Accelerated Instructor Program

Due To popular demand an Accelerated Instructor Program for JKD/Kali has been Introduced from September 2014

The program will be available for Experienced Martial Artists and Club Owners who may wish to offer another another style to their students

This program replaces both the JKD Concepts program and the Traditional Eskrima syllabus and merges into one of the most comprehensive Kali Based JKD programs available.

The program consists of 14 modules.

EIGHT modules are required for Instructor Certification (equivalent to 1st Degree) then each additional FOUR modules will be the next levels to Senior Instructor and Associate Instructor -  (equivalent to 2nd & 3rd Degree black belt/sash). Full Instructor Certification (equivalent to 4th Degree ) will be the final Certification.

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