JKD/Kali Accelerated Instructor Program

Due To popular demand an Accelerated Instructor Program for JKD/Kali has been Introduced from October 2023

This program is now in its tenth year 

The program is  available for Experienced Martial Artists and Club Owners who may wish to offer another style to their students.

This program replaces both the JKD Concepts program and the Traditional Eskrima syllabus and merges into one of the most comprehensive Kali Based JKD Concepts programs available.

The program consists of 14 modules.

EIGHT modules are required for Instructor Certification (equivalent to 1st Degree)

An additional THREE modules for the next level to Senior Instructor  (equivalent to 2nd Degree black belt/sash).

Full Instructor Certification (equivalent to 3rdDegree ) will be the final Certification after completion of the remaining modules.

Instructor Certification Modules

Module 1 Kali & JKD Principles, Bruce Lee’s Five ways of Attack
Module 2 JKD & Kali (Empty Hand) Energy Drills
Module 3 Kali Basic Drills (Single Stick)
Module 4 Kali Double Stick
Module 5 Kali Single Stick (Techniques, countering, disarms and locking )
Module 6 The Principles of Locks
Module 7 JKD Takedowns
Module 8 Kali Knife


Senior instructor Certification Modules

Module 9 Kali & Silat Takedowns
Module 10 The JKD Blend
Module 11 Kali Advanced Double Stick Drills


FullInstructor modules

Module 12 Kali & JKD Advanced Empty Hand
Module 13 Kali Advanced single Stick and Stick & Dagger
Module 14 JKD Advanced Grappling and Trapping

See here for the current list of

Holywell Martial Arts Affiliated Instructors & Apprentice JKD/Kali Instructors