There are many challenges in Life and in Martial Arts.

They mirror each other, if you can overcome obstacles in one.... you can achieve in the other.

If you fail in either...just learn from your mistakes and apply the solutions to both.

Overcome, Succeed, Be inspired!


A is for Ambition

C is for Courage

I is for Interest

D is for Determination

Do you have ACID?

Grandmaster Jun Dacayana


'Like spring water, teaching needs clarity, it slowly and gently nourishes all it touches

Allowing growth to occur with all it comes into contact with, yet not deciding or determining the pace of growth

Eventually when meeting the sea, it returns ...a cycle of nourishment'

Grandmaster Jo Biggs


The Journey


I'm standing at the mountain foot, its summit obscured with cloud,

Jagged and sharp the mountain stands, but beautiful and proud,


Two paths lay before me, both leading to the prize,

One direct but very steep, to slip is your demise,

The other a much longer path, but equally as tough,

Obstacles are in the way and the footing very rough,


I arrive here in my autumn month and the longest path I choose,

Although my journeys twice as long I know I will not lose,


The autumn makes my journey hard, with rain and slippy leaves,

So I know that I will fall sometimes and end up on my knees,

But soon my mountains rain will pass and the sun will cheer the day,

Creating the most amazing rainbow to guide me on my way.

Laura Peil (Sensei 4th Dan Aka Ryu Ju-Jitsu Remnei)


Laura Peil (2009)