Advisory: Jon Ryley Shihan (Master); Founder Core Combat & Karate Jutsu Association, BCA L3 Coach

The Advisory board is a critical part of the School. The Advisory are among the elite of World Martial Arts and have a reputation of being highly skilled in their chosen Art.

The  Advisors are people who we seek knowledge and Instruction from to enhance the skill base witihn the School

Jon's qualifications:


Jons Martial arts Bio:

 The Mountain Man; Jon Ryley

Jon has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to the acquisition of Martial Arts knowledge and techniques. His main focus is in the disciplines of; Karate, Self Defence and Self Protection incorporating aspects of Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Kali, Boxing, and ToriteJutsu (pressurepoints).

Always on a quest with a great thirst for knowledge he is currently studying Kali, Jeet Kun Do and Jun Fan Gung Fu under the tutelage of Rick Young.

He is also a Coach with the British Combat Association under Peter Consterdine and Geoff Thompson

Jon is one of only two people in the UK to have an Active Instructorship with the Dragon Society International. 

Jon often teaches security staff from both civilian, blue light and military organizations where he incorporates aspects of Karate Jutsu to give participants some easy to use and more “Bang for the Buck” applications for threat removal. 

Apart from his involvement with the BCA, Jon also runs the Karate Jutsu Association which concentrates on the adaptation of Karate techniques to real life situations whilst maintaining vast aspects of the founding karate principles.   

He is also a world expert in Organizational Change; he consults to global clients on how to increase organizational Performance via employee engagement and the creation of high performing cultures. This work he replicates in the Martial Arts by incorporating aspects of personal leadership in to his curriculum with a focus on getting the most out of his students. 
In order to get the most out of the corporate employee, since 1997 he has been running the Trail Walking Club, which teaches Leadership and Change in the Mountains of the UK and Ireland hence the name “The Mountain Man”, given to him by his clients.

This year 2012 sees Jon teaching for a second time at the Lynmouth Festival of Martial Arts and the World Famous SENI. His seminars are dynamic and memorabel and  concentrate on aspects of the KJA’s Core Combat Syllabus; adapted to the style of the participants and incorporating aspects of personal leadership to increase the participant’s performance.

Assisting Jon at these Seminars Seni 2012 will be

·         Herol Bomber Graham, Core-Combats Boxing Coach (SENI)

·         Robert Mawdsley, Core Combat Instructor  (SENI & Lynmouth Festival)

·         Steve Threlfall, Karate Jutsu Instructor and Close Protection Expert  (SENI)

The foundation behind the Core-Combat system is to get the student to quickly pick up a skill set that can be adapted to either their own martial style or used as a system in its own right. The system is inherently scenario based and picks up on aspects of many other arts in the last year alone.

The KJA and Core Combat was formed to counteract the following myths that seem to have been instilled about Martial Arts in General

The Myth was sold that all and any martial arts training was effective

The myth was sold that a black belt automatically meant that you have become an instructor, when all it really meant was that the recipient had gained a certain level of training 

The myth was sold that gaining in knowlege and becoming effective meant learning more wierd and wonderful moves as you progressed

The myth was sold that all martial arts had been tried and tested

The Myth was sold that martial arts equate to self defence



“I'm always impressed with a club which recognises both the importance of sound basics, but also the requirement to adapt a traditional Eastern martial art to the demands placed on us in the West to cope with violence as it happens in today's world! Your club has always embraced the best of traditional standard Jon, but been progressive and extremely open to the concepts and strategies of personal security and the need for intensive training. This latter prepares your students for the realities of the street and not many clubs will embark upon 'real' hard core training - well done!

Peter Consterdine, 9th Dan, Kyoshi Joint Chief Instructor British Combat Association”


Jon Ryley has given our company real tangible value, very strong and creative vision. He is also a true Martial Artist who has excellent code of conduct, integrity and discipline. I have no hesitation in recommending him.  Grand Master Sken


I have known Jon for around 10 years and he runs a well organised and effective martial arts association, I have had the pleasure to train with Jon at his club frequently over the last few years, and I’m always surprised by the skill level and openness to new concepts. Jon is a good coach and motivator and I wish i had known him whilst i was fighting; he would have been in my corner.

Herol “Bomber” Graham.ex British, European and commonwealth middleweight champion


Jon Regularly trains and Hosts Seminars with Peter Consterdine, Herol 'Bomber' Graham, Master Sken, Rick Young and has trained with  Guro Dan Inosanto on a number of occassions

Jon,  his Teachers,  Friends  and training partners are simply the best of the best!