Keith Anthony: Senior Teacher; Holywell Martial Arts, Principal Coach; Dacayana UK & Europe

Keith pictured above with Marcie & Master Jun

Keith  has been training at the Malvern Eskrima Group for nearly 13 years and holds an Eskima Black Belt 3rd Degree.  Like all who grade through Malvern Eskrima his Grade is endorsed not only by the group but also by Dacayana UK,  Master Jun Dacayana, Sacred Spring and the Shinpi Izumi Council ...ensuring he has achieved the very highest standard.

Keith has previously trained in Indonesian Silat and his experience in this Art has helped to make him a very fast and effective Eskrima practitioner.

Keith  is a very experienced Martial Artist and an excellent teacher, he often takes the reigns of the club if Marcie is absent..

Keith also holds the following:

Senior Teacher Holywell Martial Arts

Dacayana UK Senior Coach

Current Appointed Persons First Aid (Sacred Spring)

Current Clear Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check

Current Instructor Personal Indemnity Insurance & Student Gtoup Insurance against Personal Injury (£2M)