Holywell Martial Arts Affiliates 

JKD /Kali Affiliates 2020

Here are the Affiliated Clubs Authorised to Teach JKD/Kali under the Holywell Martial Arts Affiliated Club Program

Langston Martial Arts Academy - Chief Instructor Darren Langston

Exeter Filipino Martial Arts - Chief Instructor - Andy Crowe 

Applied Combat Systems - Chief Instructor Frank Ellul

Kevin Denton 



Here is a list of Instructors currently studying or having completed the JKD/Kali Accelerated Instructor program.


Darren Langston - JKD/Kali Full  Instructor

Andy Crowe - JKD/Kali FullInstructor

Anthony Dugmore - JKD/Kali  Senior  Instructor

Lee Kent JKD/Kali Senior  Instructor

Stephen Peil -  JKD/Kali Senior  Instructor

Digger Barnes - JKD/Kali Senior  Instructor

Raul Lopez Mateu - JKD/Kali Senior Instructor

John Devereaux - JKD/Kali Instructor 

Doug Levenets - JKD/Kali Instructor 

Steven Blears - JKD/Kali  Instructor 

Caroline Bruce - JKD/Kali Instructor 

Andy Bruce - JKD/Kali  Instructor

Frank Ellul - JKD/Kali Instructor

Nick Foot - JKD/Kali Instructor 

Rob Cook -JKD/Kali Instructor 

Andy West -JKD/Kali Instructor

Brian Taylor -JKD/Kali Instructor 

Kevin Denton -JKD/Kali Instructor 

Mark Lane -JKD/Kali Instructor

Mathew Bruton -JKD/Kali Instructor 

Steve Maycock -JKD/Kali Instructor 

Leigh Kelly -JKD/Kali Instructor 

Tom Lacey --JKD/Kali Instructor 

Apprentice Instructors 2021 Program

Dave court 

Shaun Weir 

Charlie Greene

Helen Kidman 

Aaron Bannister