The Shinpi Izumi Council and Sacred Spring headquarters is located at the Honbu Dojo in Bedford.

In June of 2011 The Dojo celebrated it's 25th year of  Martial Arts Excellence

The Council are under the direction of Jo Biggs Shihan, who's vision has endured over the years and now continues through Shinpi Izumi, Sacred Spring and the dedication of his personal students.

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 Like spring water, teaching needs clarity, it slowly and gently nourishes all it touches

Allowing growth to occur with all it comes into contact with, yet not deciding or determining the pace of growth

Eventually when meeting the sea, it returns ...a cycle of nourishment'

The above quotation is taken from the award for Martial Excellence made to Marcie Harding of the Malvern Eskrima Group on behalf of the Shinpi Izumi Council at the 4th Lynmouth Festival of Martial arts 2009